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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Letter to Richard Bach

This is a letter i am writing to the famous author Richard Bach who in his book The Bridge Across Forever talks about how he found his soulmate in the famous actress Leslie Parrish. After i read the book i happened to discover that after all the preachings Richard has made in his book, those two got divorced and Richard has re-married. I, as a reader, felt deceived. I want to ask him why did something he so believed in changed. What does he want his readers to hang on to? This letter is another step in my quest to solve the unanswered questions in my mind. Hope Richard happens to read all this someday.

Hi Richard

I read this book of yours I found in the 'Non-fiction' section and in which you talk about the concept of soulmates focussing on the relationhip between you and your 'Ex-wife' Leslie. I acquiesce with a lot of things you proclaim and understand those familiar feelings that you seemed to have experienced. But more than all that it is the irony of this concept has arrested me. Were we really created in pairs? Does god always produce in even numbers? I don't know. I don't know if this soul-mate is a person, a concept or a thing. But i do know that its an entity which can impart in my beliefs the courage of conviction and fulfils my starving creative senses. I think soulmate is a corporeal form of my random floating energy which accelerates the growth of potential within me. Its something in which the train of my ideas culminates and is spawned over & over again; something i keep discovering over & over again; something with which I keep discovering myself over & over again and still not discover it all enough. Its something or someone who is ubiquitous, pervasive, omni-present, endless, seamless and unlimited. Someone with whom my capacity to yield, to give, to shower grows exponentially. Its something in which i can lose myself and be proud of it. My soul-mate is an entity which liberates my shackled desires, unveils my pretences and gives my demons a peaceful death.

Black exists because White does, Positive exists because Negative does, South exists because North does, Night exists because Day does, Birth exists because Death does, Man exists because Woman does, God exists because Satan does. The right arm, the right leg, the right ear, the right eye, all so nearly match the left one. The Thirst is quenched only with Water. The Breath is functional only because of Air. Why does it take two to tango? Isn't it all too much of a coincidence? May be each of us does have a soulmate. May be we will find what we keep looking for.

Or All this is probably too much to ask for. May be , may be not. Wonder, if people are made to fit each other or real relationships just the connection of attributes to match. ' Hey, i like red, you like red ... we must be soul-mates' or 'My ex-lover abandoned on me, my ex-lover cheated on me too ... we must be soul-mates'. See, its so easy to releate to people when you want to . Is it possible for people to mould each other to fit into their frames of soul-mates? Then why strive so hard for the right one? Is it really such a sanctified concept or just another human temptation? Is it a constant or a variable? Why did you two divorce when you were soul-mates? Why did your soul-mate become a variable when it was a constant?

Are we individuals or pairs? Is there really a key for every lock? Is every key really meant to fit into some lock?
Don't know....Keep searching for the answers ....... Help me find them.



Blogger Monalees:) said...

If only I could be Richard n answer all ur queries..... N lucky[ or unlucky??] enough as him to find a soul mate n then say it's 'variable'..that potential energy is incorporated in somebody else now...n carry on like this..making money n love both in one go.....great ha!

Anyways, u know it's so nice n fulfilling to live with such a positive dream n then it's all so heart breakening to understand one day that all that u believe is so very wrong!..that u have to 'compromise' n still be 'happy'.....somebody told me that 'u don't wait for happiness, it comes to u'..like that maybe, 'u don't wait for soulmates, he/she/they??? come to you'...Time will tell my dear friend..Till then live life as it comes with a 'subconcious' dream of ur soulmate....Wish u a fantastic life!

It was a great start ... Very nice blog...Waiting to see such interesting stuff in future also...Keep it up dear!!

14 June, 2006 10:27

Anonymous Charan said...

Nicely written Ramneek !
You should be a writer, I will buy your book ,If you write one with so much passion!
Love and relationships have been around since the day humans came to this planet.
I am not the best person to comment on relationships. But I do feel it’s impossible for any man or any woman to love just one person in his/her life. May be that’s the reason some religions and societies permit polygamy and polyandry. I don’t advocate these concepts but I do feel they are there because of a reason.
I know in our homes girls are cultured to love the man selected by their family. May be its why you want a perfect man, someone who would reciprocate your love and devotion.
May be that’s the reason you cannot contemplate why would this guy (Richard Bach) left his wife even though they felt such strongly for each other. I don’t know this guy, but I guess its entirely possible that he still loves her, but situation demands he leave her and lives with his new wife (whom he also loves).
I am sure there has been a time in your life when u have felt “this guy is for me”, but later as u met him, gotto know him more you realize. No this is not “ the one”.
For several women, this could happen with the match arranged by their parents.
Very often such issues come up in love marriages, where a couple would mistake attraction/ infatuation for love.
May be a person in this relationship realizes later that he truly loves someone else.
I do feel people are created as individuals. You meet other individuals along the way
You get along; get a relationship going, love happens. I am sure it will not happen to you with every second guy, because its not meant to! Its meant to be a unique experience! When you know the other guy inside out, and are willing to share your life’s burden with him That’s love.
And I guess for any marriage to work its important that the spouses are best friends because if they allow others to creep in between there’s a wedge waiting to be opened and to crack the relationship.
That’s what I feel about it!

14 June, 2006 13:08

Anonymous Vishu said...

Very well written Ramnique! Good start.

I had read english translation of a poem by a Norwegian poet. It went something like this-

It's the dream we carry, that something wonderful will happen,
that it has to happen,
when the hearts will,
when the mountain crag will open
and the spring will flow,
that one morning, we will glide into a harbour we didn't no exists.

Isn't it our dreams, Ramnique, that makes life worth living? Its the dream of that one glimpse of light at the end the torturous tunnel that gives us strength to travel. I believe the concept of soulmate is one such dreams. And Mr.Bach has done nothing but brought forward the dream which we carry ourselves in our own heart. The way you felt when you read his words were the outcome of your own dreams. Along with the dreams you had some expectations out of it, a part of you said yes it could happen to you too as it happened to him. But when you heard that he has parted ways with his so called soul mate it hurt you because you lost that affirmation. But why do you need someone else's recommendation in order to believe in your own dream?

I think, Ramnique, it's not Mr.Bach who has deceived you or cheated any of his fans. Its we, who hurt ourselves, by accepting others' experiences as a proof of the fallacy of our own dreams. So who is deceiving whom, Ramnique? Why do we carry so many doubt about our own dream? The first step to the fulfillment of our dreams is to have an unflinching faith in their infallibility. I think, instead of looking for answers from someone else, we need to do some soul searching.

Anyways, its a good start. Keep the good work going.

14 June, 2006 13:31

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanx charan...so what do u think ... if there is no one single person for us, why r we required to commit when we marry? why can't we hv an open marriage n fit in everyone? why not just have friends? why do we need 'one for me' in the first place?

14 June, 2006 13:39

Anonymous Charan said...

I feel good my comments on a budding authors page.

There are no relationships without commitments. No friendships, No relations.
You have a commitment from ur parents from the time you were born.They have been there for you.You will be there for them when they are old and infirm.

You marry an individual whos grown in a separate family with a different set of values and different lifestyle.
The commitment is that he will protect you and take care of you, and your commitment to be loyal and make his house a home.
I guess its a good concept.Its the reason we have a civilisation a culture.
If everyone could live and walk out with someone else on is/her whim, imagine the insecurity! You go home one day and find ur mom has moved out with her new boyfriend leaving u to take care of ur little brothers and sisters!
Open marriages are widespread n Europe but are the people happy about them ?
I dont know, and i wouldnt advocate them.I guess what we have is beautiful, its our heritage,our culture!The most secure thing for me even today are my parents
they are my bedrock.I can rely on them .I would want my kids to expect the same from me!

I guess i am going tooo faar!

14 June, 2006 13:41

Anonymous Neaa said...

hey.. this was really good stuff.. all the deep stuff tat u keep talkin abt all d time anyways..very well written, i rate it 6.0 ;)would discuss this concept of soulmates myself someday..

15 June, 2006 11:10

Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are good ... y r u wastin ur time in S/W industry.

what i found browsing thru net, i would like to post it here.. this is what Richard Bach has written on his divorce:

"Leslie and I are no longer married. Soul mates, to me, don't define themselves by legal marriage. There's a learning connection that exists between those two souls. Leslie and I had that for the longest time, and then a couple of years ago, she had this startling realization. She said, 'Richard, we have different goals!' I was yearning for my little adventures and looking forward to writing more books. Leslie has worked all her life long, and she wanted peace, she wanted to slow the pace, not complicate it, not speed it up. Not money, not family, no other men or other women, separated us. We wanted different futures. She was right for her. I was right for me. Finally it came time for us to make a choice. We could save the marriage and smother each other: 'You can't be who you want to be.' Or we could separate and save the love and respect that we had for each other. We decided the marriage was the less important. And now we're living separate lives.

"I believe that Leslie and I were led to find each other, led through the years we lived together, and led to part. There's so much to learn! When a marriage comes to an end, we're free to call it a failure. We're also free to call it a graduation. We didn't say, 'I guess we weren't led to each other, I guess we're not soul mates after all.' Our graduation was part of the experience we chose before we were born, to learn how to let each other go."

U can check the link:


and u can get his contact info in the link:


21 February, 2007 12:03


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